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The MH Dietbet

To start the new year, I organized a weight loss competition. The goal is to lose 8% of the starting body weight before Easter.  Anybody who succeeds gets to split up the money of anyone who doesn’t. There are over 20 people in it so far, so the potential for decent money is alive and well. When this competition is over, I should be at 240 lbs. Which is basically right at the lowest I’ve been since I started trying. Then I want to lose another 10 lbs to reach goal #1.

To accomplish this feat, it’s going to be all about getting my calorie intake under control. The supplementing with my standard regimen of weights 3x-4x a week, Yoga 1x-2x,and running every other day.   The running should all be low intensity heart rate training. I don’t have another race until the Livermore half marathon in March.

If I’m on target, I might even have a chance at a PR.  That would be awesome.

There you have it, the start to a great new year.

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