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Amiigo Review (It’s a Fitness Tracker)

Back in March of 2013, there was a glut of “Activity Trackers” being put up on IndieGoGo and Kickstarter.  At the time I opted to back two of them, the Misfit Shine and the Amiigo.  Eventually, Misfit announced they weren’t going to support Android, and that they had no timeline for that, so that tracker was cancelled.  It has since released and people do seem to like it though.  The Amiigo on the other hand always maintained a promise for Android support, then even released the App before very many people even had the device.

For those interested in the Amiigo, you should know that customer service has been pretty iffy for a lot of people w/ them.  I’m in a couple of groups dedicated to the device and the main complaints are that they haven’t received them, usually followed by how hard it is to get a refund.  I can’t vouch for the refund, since I figured there was a chance the money was lost once I “backed” the product.  Not that it really matters though, since a month or so ago, I got mine. And here it is:

2015-01-12 08.04.24

I know, that’s a very manly color, it’s just how I roll.

So, what does it do you ask?  And more importantly, does it do it well?

Let’s start with what it does well, and then finish with my annoyances, that seems to be the way people do this right?  The easiest ways to talk about what it does is to show the data, cause it gathers up some data.  There are 3 screens I want to go through, here is the first one, it’s the “start screen”.

2015-01-12 17.01.54

The icons at the top (LRTB) are Steps, Calories, Sleep, Workout.  The Steps one is pretty standard, every tracker does that, it’s the point of trackers.  I don’t have a comparison device so I can’t vouch for accuracy, but I think it’s right.  The Calories burned seems about right as well.  It takes an estimate of your BMR, and then adds additional calories if you work out or are more active in a given day.  Sleep tracking is actually pretty cool, it will monitor your heart rate and movement during sleep, so you get a pretty sweet overview.  You also get a ton of additional metrics.  Here are a couple of screen shots of the Sleep overview and also the advanced metrics:

2015-01-12 17.13.28  2015-01-12 17.01.59

You can see how it rates you on restful sleep and even gives you a letter grade.  I also probably should have slept more that night, stupid poker till 330AM LOL.  On the right is several of the advanced metrics the sensor can gather.  I have no idea what to do with any of it, but it’s hard to say no to extra data.  And maybe one day I’ll get some use out of it all.

And finally, the best/worst thing about the device…  Workout Mode…  The Amiigo has something that most other trackers do not have.  It has a footpod that has to be used in workout mode.  It’s annoying, but it does allow for more advanced data than other trackers.  For example, you get a better cadence count w/ a foot pod.  And in Amiigo’s case, it can use the 2 devices simultaneously to figure out what exercise you are doing.  How sick is that right?  of course, it’s still a work in progress, but it works ok most of the time.  Currently, you have to open up workout mode and train the individual exercises, which is kind of a pain.  But a recent update notification was released saying that they are working on including a bunch of exercise in the automatic recognition.  The workout mode also works well for Cycling and Running (Swimming too, supposedly, I’ve just never done that).  Here is what a run looks like:
2015-01-12 17.02.05  2015-01-12 17.27.43

You get reps, cadence, distance and calories burned.  All of which seem to be near to what has been reported by my TomTom most of the time.  Though distance is a little off I think.  But yeah, that’s some good info to be had right there.

Would I recommend this device to others?  Yeah probably, but I wouldn’t advise pre-ordering.  Once it gets in to a store and you can walk out with it.  It’s pretty good device.  I wish it didn’t need the footpod, but I get it.

You can get more info at their webpage


  • Reply Samantha Albarran |

    I am thinking of buying the Amiigo… I tried the Jawbone Up 1 but it died. I was thinking Jawbone up 3 but it has been severely delayed. Any updates on how you like the Amiigo?

    • Reply cdog |

      I was eyeballing the Jawbone Up3 too 🙂 But yeah delays. For an Amiigo update, I actually really like the data it provides. It’s a really nice tracker. My issues with it are still mostly the same though, battery is ~2 days, and you have to have the footpod w/ you to start “workout mode”. But compared to the other trackers I’ve seen so far it’s working for me.

      I would wait on a point where they are actually shipping orders though to pick one up. They have been really iffy with the communication and the delays.

  • Reply Mark Williams |

    I was a backer and got mine a few months ago. The clasp does not hold it on, the shoe pod fell off twice. Once in my house so I found it and the other time at the grocery store. The app is slow and unfinished. They have a great concept but it’s not really a finished product.

    • Reply cdog |

      I’ve actually had pretty good luck with the clasping and Foot Pod. I’ve definitely had the clasp catch and just come undone really easy. Never had the Pod fall off though. Glad you found yours though.

      I think the App is decent, but it bugs out a lot and it is a little slow. Agree that the concept is good, it’s just not quite all the way there yet.

  • Reply Unsatisfied customer |

    I was very excited about the amiigo when it came out, and I am still a sole believer of its abilities. However, it has been 8 months since I pre ordered the product. I chose the color, wrote the correct shipping address etc. Worst of all, there is no way to track our purchases, and our calls and messages to customer support go unanswered. When I am saying this, I am speaking on behalf of the thousands of people who preordered their amiigos and never got them. I do still have hope left though. I really do want the product, in the end, as the end product will revolutionarize the wearables market.

    • Reply John Mattison |

      I originally backed the company on the indiegogo campaign. In doing so I was also investing in a amiigo fitness tracker. They used to send me emails telling me how the product development was coming along and then they started telling me when I would eventually get mine. The last update I had was Feb of 2014 and it told me I would have my product by Dec of 2013. Since then, no contact. I have emailed them on numerous occasions and they will not respond. DONT BUY, SHODDY COMPANY YOU WILL BE LUCKY IF YOU GET A RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT AND FROM WHATY I”VE READ IN REVIEWS IN FARES POORLY TO OTHERS ON THE MARKET SHODDY WORKMANSHIP FROM WHAT I”VE READ

  • Reply codi |

    Terrible! It took over a year to come, every month I got the same reply “shipping next month”. Once it did come it wouldn’t stay on, the band is horrible. The app isn’t as impressive as the made it see. It doesn’t monitor my heart rate, its an over priced step tracker. I’ve already lost the first one, no point in using the second one.

  • Reply Tom |

    I finally received my Amiigo yesterday. I charged it up and tried it out today. It didn’t do so well keeping track of my steps at work but I’m not concerned about that. I came home and pushed my kids on the swing, the unit fell off 5 timdecided to put down some wood chips in the garden, it fell off twice. Okay, so it isn’t designed for that kind of activity so I decided to train it to recognize push-ups and sit-ups. It fell of once doing the push-ups and the app hung (android) recognizing the sit-ups. My concern is, I am a triathete, I got this with the idea of better tracking my training. If this can’t handle every day activity will I lose it on my first open-water swim. I haven’t given up on it yet, I’ve only had it one day, but I am thinking that I am going to have to redesign the clasp on this thing. Now on to testing the sleep tracking.

  • Reply ylu |

    They did not provide any order number nor tracking number.
    How long time did that took you to receive the package?

  • Reply John Mattison |

    This company is a unreliable and unorganized at best at worst an outright scam. I ordered/backed this product over 3 years ago. In doing that I was told I would be getting the product as soon as they where available. I still haven’t received mine and they refuse to respond to my emails or attempts to contact them through their website. I wouldn’t invest as they are willing to take money and deny your order ever existed on top of that the product from all the reviews and comments I’ve read is serviceable at best and at worst a cheap knock off of what already exists out there. NOT WORTH THE INVESTMENT

  • Reply Kelli |

    Agree with Codi. I emailed them repeatedly, it took over a year to arrive and the band is terrible. It won’t stay on for anything. It is supposed to track your exercise but it takes so long to process your exercise that I just gave up trying to “teach” it things like kettlebell swings, squats, etc. I want a refund and cannot get through to them. Don’t waste your time!

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