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Scheduled Races for 2015

I used to go to a lot of races, but the last few years I have cut way down.  Maybe it’s cost, or maybe I just hate waking up, I dunno.  But still, the amount of bibs pinned up on my cubicle wall from last year is only like 5.  And you know what else?  It’s probably not going to change much this year.  As of right now, I have 3 races paid for and 1 more I’m definitely doing.  With any luck though, I’ll do some volunteering for Brazen and then get a couple of free races from them.  Not sure yet though.  Here is what I have in mind for this year though:


LMJS Couple Relay – This is a fun 5K that takes place in Oakland.  It’s a partner race, so one person does a 5K and then the other one does.  Combined time is used to determine winners and the what not.  It’s kind of turned in to a tradition with my running club to hit up this race and then all go have lunch.  It’s well costed, well ran and a nice course.  For the second year, I will be teaming up my friend Lisa.  There’s a good chance we’ll beat last years time I think 🙂


Livermore Half Marathon – My only currently scheduled HM.  It’s a redo from last year, which I could really use.  On the last attempt, my calves began cramping about mile 7, so I spent almost 6 miles walking it in.  It was brutal.  I am very lucky though in that I have great friends who were willing to walk a good portion of it with me.  Definitely aiming for a better one this year though.


Bay To Breakers – It’s going to be my 3rd time at Bay to Breakers, which is crazy because after the first I was pretty sure I never wanted to run it again.  It’s just a total circus…  Wang’s everywhere!!!  But then I realized that I was thinking of it like a race, and once I started thinking of it as an event you could do with friends it got so much better.  Last year my running club all tried to dress in Superhero Themes and it was great.  Still not decided on this year, but I’m sure it will be fun.  And hopefully I’ll post a little preview here.


Hook & Ladder – This is a local Livermore run out at Wente Vineyards.  It’s a nice race with some excellent support.  And most importantly for me, it’s the only race I’ve done every year that I’ve been a runner.  So I can’t miss it 🙂

That’s all I have scheduled.  I’m hoping to add another Half Marathon later in the year, something flat and fast so that I can PR…  But it’s probably a little premature for that plan.

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