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New Balance Minimus Hi-Rez

For the last few months, I’ve been running in something that could probably be called a shoe.  Crazy right?  But it’s true!  If you know me, you know I run in Sandals or barefoot most of the time.  This is primarily because my feet are a size different, and I just like the freedom.  But I ordered some shoes for weight lifting, and I loved them so much that I tried running in them.  Here they are, the Minimus Hi-Rez.



Not nearly as ugly as some running shoes right?  But, what do I like about them?  Let’s start with the ground feel.  It’s a 0 drop shoe with minimal padding.  Just enough that stepping on rocks doesn’t hurt, though it does have a weird tread pattern as you can see.  You get used to that pretty quickly though.  The other thing about that is that the tops are thin, with no rigidity.  This means that it being too big for one of my feet doesn’t cause problems, I just tie them tight and they don’t chafe or cut me.  So that’s awesome.

So far, I’ve done a lot of road running in the shoes, but no trail running to speak of.  But I would definitely recommend these for some minimalist running, I like them so much that I even ordered a 2nd pair from Amazon.

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