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Organizing Events & Trello

I’m a task list kind of person.  I just love adding an item to my list for everything.  Stuff to do, things to remember, or even just an idea. My personal task list of choice tends to vary, but right now, it’s Wunderlist (though it was todoist last week).  I’m on Wunderlist now because it’s got some excellent collaboration stuff, and it’s pretty.  When trying to introduce someone to a new idea, like task listing everything, it’s easier to start w/ an aesthetically pleasing option. Wunderlist is going to work just fine for me, and for a shared task list between my wife and I.  But what about group planning?  Maybe you have a committee, or a more complicated project, what then?

Could you use Wunderlist, sure you could.  Or you could try something designed for teams.  I’m trying out Trello.  I’ve looked at it before and I didn’t really get it.  But last week I started reading some articles and some tutorials about it, and I read a description of it that really made it click in my mind.  For example, here is my Trello Board for the 2015 MH Kite Run (Registration open now):

If you take a look at that, you can see that I have 4 different groupings, and then a bunch of sub items in those.  OK great, so how does that help.  Well the thing that made it click for me was to imagine that you are looking a white board, and on that white board there are lines separating it into quarters.  Then inside those sections, what you have done is put a bunch of post it notes.  And that’s how you organize.

Put everything on a separate post it, and then stick them in the right spot.  It worked for me.  When I look at my Trello Boards now, I feel like I can get an overall view of the project and the tasks associated with it.  That’s pretty helpful with group planning and hopefully with transferring the knowledge to someone else to run in the future.  And of course you can invite other people to your boards and assign tasks out.  I haven’t gotten that far yet.  First I have to try it, and then I can start convincing others to use it with me.

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