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Amiigo Update

Several months ago, I received and reviewed the Amiigo.  Since that time, I’ve continued to use the device and I wanted to update the review.  I’ve got bad news though, I stopped using it a few weeks ago in favor of a FitBit Charge HR.  Ultimate, I believe that the Amiigo may be the most advanced fitness tracker out right now, but there are several things about the device that really started to annoy me, I’ll list them out below in case anyone reads this:

  • Reliance on a internet Connection
    • The device is basically just a step tracker if you don’t have an internet connection.  You can’t initiate a workout, or a sleep tracking session w/o it.  This is probably not a problem all that often, but a few weeks ago I went on a cruise, and the Amiigo was completely useless.  When on a boat, you don’t have Internet Access (or you paid a lot to get some, and you aren’t wasting that data on anything).  I think that same thing would happen to people who like to camp, or even trail run.  You could head out to the trail (be out of cell coverage) and then be unable to use the device to track a workout.  This sucks.  If you could start the workout w/o the connection and then just upload the data later for analysis that would work, but you can’t even start it.
    • The same issues also occur during server updates, when they are updating the server you have a basic pedometer.
  • Spotty connectivity to the phone
    • On many nights, when I went to sleep I would be unable to start sleep mode because the device wouldn’t talk to my phone.  For no reason I could discern.  You could see a connection in the app, but when you went to start your sleep session, it wouldn’t connect.  This is incredibly frustrating.  Sometimes it could be fixed by placing the device on the charger for a second and then taking it off (but since it had 60+% battery, that seems unnecessary)
  • Inaccurate Battery Readouts
    • There is a known bug where the device only charges to 78% (I think that’s the #).  But it doesn’t actually only charge to that, it’s just that is what is reported by the device.  So that’s confusing.  Then there are times when you charge it for a while and it reports as being discharged still.  This is just another frustration.
  • Non-secure wristband
    • This is an issue with most fitness bands, but it’s still annoying.  The band gets caught on stuff, then just unhooks and falls off.  Luckily I never lost mine
  • The foot pod
    • Now this one is something that Amiigo finally fixed in their latest update.  There was a period where you needed the footpod to start any workout.  Including swimming!  A workout that literally doesn’t use the footpod!

All of the above reasons aren’t too bad on their own, but over a period of weeks/months they add up.  I just want a fitness band that works.  Tracks my steps, records my heartrate and allows me to configure a time where I am working out.  I’ve got that now with the FitBit Charge HR, and I’ve yet to be unable to start a workout or sleep session on it.  Hell, it even has a clock and an Alarm!!

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