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AMC Best Picture Showcase 2016 – Day 1

On the heels of my previous post, I decided the best way to break down those few pounds was to spend an entire day in a theater with unlimited popcorn and soda. I figure it should help me break through the plateau right? Or maybe I just really like movies…

As it turns out, I do love movies and every year the wife and I spend 2 Saturday in February at a nearby AMC Theater watching all of the Best Picture Oscar Nominees. This is the 6th or 7th year for it. It’s a huge blast and really makes for a great day. This year we attended at a brand new AMC in Newark, the Newpark 12. It was a super nice theater, we are talking recliner chairs, and beer. Watching 10 hours of movies isn’t easy, but it’s definitely easier in a recliner. I’m just going to throw out a few thoughts on the 4 movies we saw on Day 1, then I’ll be back next week for one about Day 2.

Bridge of Spies

It was good, obviously. Tom Hanks was his usual stellar self in his role as a lawyer negotiating the release of an American POW. Mark Rylance was exceptional in his supporting role and fully deserves the supporting actor nomination he received. The story itself was interesting, though on the whole I didn’t feel like I was watching anything special. It’s a good film, but I won’t remember it in a year or two.


This one was a little on the depressing side. Supposedly the book is a difficult read as well. On the positive though, it wasn’t as sad as Precious was from a few years ago. The thing with Room to me was that it felt like it went on too long, I kept thinking it was going to end, and then they had more. The more wasn’t bad, it was just more. This film, much like the 1st one was a fine movie, but I’ll probably forget it in a year or two as well.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Now this is an interesting nominee. It was nominated for best picture and best director but received no noms in acting of screenplay. Some people would probably say it didn’t belong with the other films this year. I think they are wrong. It was a technical masterpiece with just enough storyline to hold it together. But that doesn’t make it a bad movie, just a different one, and probably harder to make then the others. If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s worth a look, it’s 2 hours of non-stop action. The whole thing is basically one long car chase. And it’s fun! Which sometimes we don’t get at these showcases. Thus far, I hope this one wins the award.

The Big Short

In some ways this film feels like it’s a little late to the party, it talks about events from only 8-9 years ago, but many of us already know what was going down. So that took some of it’s impact away from me. I imagine that if you didn’t know about the CDOs, and MBSes then it would have more impact for you. For me, it was fun film with just enough comedy thrown in to take it to a 2nd level. It’s a good film, and Steve Carrell is very good in it. I’d recommend people watch this one as well.

So that’s my first day review, if you haven’t seen any of these, I’d say skip the first two, but catch the last two.  I’m going back on Saturday for the last 4 movies, and I’m pretty excited by those options. Spotlight & Revenant both look very good.

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